P.S. The opinions expressed in this article are applicable in the author’s life and she does not advocate this, or wish to force it down your throat. Another perspective, if you please.

The number of articles telling we should have learned something by the time we’re a certain age is infinite. I, for one, have indulged in umpteen number of these articles and have come to realize my folly in wasting ‘X’ hours of my life reading those.
Here is a one-size-fits-all version of the simple things in life to understand:

  1. Everybody grows at a different pace. You could be 40 but have little to effectively contribute to another person. Heck, you could be 2 years old and make a difference. What matters is the perspective. Develop it.

  2. Learn a new thing as often as you can. Learning keeps you busy, learning not only gives you an edge mentally or physically, but also emotionally. Why emotionally, you ask? Well, the more you learn, the more you can offer. And the more you can offer, the more you are needed. Being needed is sometimes more important than being loved. Being needed can keep you alive more than most people believe.

  3. Smile and cry too. Don’t be afraid to shed tears if you really cared. Don’t be afraid to laugh if you really cared, either. The world is filled with just too many stoic, judgmental people, and even those people cry when you’re not looking.

  4. Don’t hold onto your opinions and beliefs like a drowning person holding onto driftwood. You are not equivalent to your opinions & your opinions were never yours. You derived your opinions from other people’s ideas. Your opinions are subject to change.

  5. Everybody is alone. Some people find solitude in being alone, some find loneliness. Seek solitude.

  6. Appreciate and spend time with things that stir your soul and give you goosebumps. For me, it’s music and literature. For you, it could be anything from traveling to lying on the grass on a bright sunny afternoon. As someone rightfully said, life is too short to spend time on mediocre things.

  7. Give a piece of yourself to the people that love you. Spend a piece of your time on the things you love doing. Try not to interchange the two statements. People deserve a piece of you more than things.

  8. Math was all wrong about constants. The only constant in the world is change. Even the value of pi can change any day for all we know.

  9. All the knowledge in the world cannot tell you what lies in the future, let alone prepare you for it. Embrace the unexpected and be suspicious of routine. Be very suspicious.

  10. Love what you do, and do what you love. Interpret this statement in all and any way possible — literally, figuratively, colloquially. (Hint: Spot the euphemism)

Lather, rinse and repeat — or don’t.

Totally your choice. :D